My name is Mariia. I am a woman with a camera, a studio and a love for photography.


Summary: 27 years old, feminist, really like the colour blue. I love being in water. I have a cat whose name is Kisuniia. I am afraid of fish, I have broken my leg twice. I see everything in 2D. My favourite smell is pomegranate with black tea.


I was born and raised on an island, on the seashore, every day watching the stunning beauty of sunsets, when the sun lazily crawled over the horizon, reflecting and glinting on the sea surface.


I went to college in a beautiful cultural city. But I didn’t have the right profession, so I left. After this my father didn’t talk to me for half a year, then he gave me my first camera.


For many the path to photography begins in childhood. In my case it began when I was 22 and it still continues.


So I found my first courses and graduated from the Academy of Photography. I created a team with a talented stylist and makeup artist. In the process I realised that fashion photography is not what I want to do.


I moved to another country.


I moved from that country to the next. Where I live now.


I photograph adults, learn their stories, touch their lives. I shoot series about how important it is to allow yourself to be sad or about how each of us is connected to nature. If you want to take part in my projects - write to me.


I am also studying analogue photography. I am looking for my own paths, I am looking for ways to release my energy. Looking for my heroes and heroines. I want to shoot nonsense. I want to know you.


I feel.


Please join me on my path.

For bookings or questions you can send me a message.
Phone: +44 7847 851191 (whatsapp) (telegram)

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