My heroes are fish people with salmon eyes. Those whom I see by chance, out of the corner of my eye in the crowd and recognize them as underwater residents. As a person who has lived my whole life on the seashore, I don’t stop striving for it. The water in people is important to me, I do not find the right words to explain it, but I feel it.

Even when I shoot myself.


2008-2013 - St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, 
Institute of Business Communications, Public Relations

2013 - Academy of Photography. Digital photography 9/2 weeks.

2014 - Academy of Photography. From the basics to mastery advanced course.

2014 -  Academy of Photography. Professional retouching images.


2017 - Amlab - Lightroom course.

2018-2019 - About the portrait. The course of Victoria Bukovskaya.

2019-2020 - Fotografika. 1 year semester. Photojournalism.

2020 - Maria Mogilevich: History of painting

2020 - Portrait laboratory. The course of Victoria Bukovskaya



Time Out St-Petersburg — article with my photos in the winter issue of 2014

LOOK BOOK — cover for a spring of 2015 issue

Thrown exhibition, London 2019 - portraits of the participants

Portrait of Elizabeth Tyun for posters of her performances. 2019

House & Garden. Publication with my photos in the November issue 2019

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