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Interdisciplinary artist based in London, UK.


MA Art and Science at UAL CSM


I really like to speak with the viewer in the first person, because I want there to be no invisible barriers between us.

In my artistic practice, I explore the themes of intimacy, physicality, physical limitations, fears of the unknown, and acceptance of death. This list is growing and changing with me. I make projects about what hurts, what I want to understand and what I want to tame.  I seek connection with water and quietness of mind. 

I was born with one eye and all my life I see the world in a plane (2D), as you see images on the screens of smartphones or computers. My partial blindness does not allow me to realize and evaluate the distance, speed and volume of the surrounding world. Most of my work is related to photography and personal research projects. I understand how to live inside a flat image. I combine work with paper and collage, creating artist books, drawings and cyanotypes. I'm fascinated by the number of alternative practices we can work with on an image.

Now I feel the insufficiency of my methods and I am working on expanding my artistic tools. I turn to performance, participatory interaction, play and the creation of tactile installations. My task for 2023-2024 is to study corporality and how people operate in volumetric space.

In addition to working on project activities, I am very excited about building an ecological and fruitful environment for artists. When I studied photography, I really missed it. So I work to create an environment where people come to grow, help grow and be safe and supportive.

As a migrant artist, I feel a lack of social capital while in England, so I created a feedback and collaboration group “Photo Garden”, if you are interested in joining, please feel free to email me. 

You can buy any print of my works by writing me an email. 


2023 -  "A practical guide for thoughtful exploration for artists." Lectures at Collage rework space. 

2021-2022 - "Mindfulness for photographers" a course of 10 practical lessons. 

2021 - "Introduction of mindfulness for photographers"  Artist talk for Fotographika Open Doors festival.


2023 - Wrong Biennale,

2021 - COLLECTIVITY, Group online exhibition. Collaboration with Maria Sokolova.

             - HOME, Group online exhibition for Academy of Documentary and Art Photography Fotografika

             - Novosibirsk 24 festivsal

             - Boomer Gallery London

             - Moscow museum of isolation

2020 - Wall online, theme - "Void packaging".


2021 - NDawards, honourable mention

2020 - Zima magazine. London



​2023 - Prog issue 20142, The Guardien

2020 - Takie Dela, Spiegel

2019 - House & Garden UK

             - Thrown exhibition, London.

2015 -  LOOK BOOK

2014 - Time Out St-Petersburg 


2023-2025 - MA in Art and Science at UAL CSM

2023 - Collage rework (London)

2023 - How to promote projects and seek funding by Mariia Morina and Ekaterina Sokolovskaiia (online)

2022 - 2021 - More than a project  by Mariia Morina and Jana Romanova (online)

2021 - 2019 -  Academy of Documentary and Art Photography Fotografika (online)

2020 -Masterskaya by Alla Mirovskaya (online)

             -Maria Mogilevich: History of painting​ (online)

2019-2018 - About the portrait. The course of Victoria Bukovskaya (online)

2017 - Amlab (online)

2014 - 2013  Academy of Photography (St. Petersburg)

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