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Burn. I


Collaboration with Xaos film.
Starring -  Me and seeing off 30 years of my life.

Do you consider yourself an adult? Was there a moment in your life that you perceived as a turn towards growing up?

To me, this topic seems like a repetitive process. With each passing year, experience accumulates that changes the idea of ​​adulthood and it begins to seem that we live too little to be considered real adults. But still, there are points of change and turns on our way.

Now I am no longer a child. But it's hard for me to call myself an adult either. This year I will turn 30. My friends told me about the rituals they performed in their thirties: I flew to another country, although I had never traveled abroad before, stood naked in the forest at night and listened to my favourite songs, took a bath by candlelight and burned notes with wishes, made 30 gifts for herself. Everyone had an action with which they marked this date.

Throughout the history of human development, there have been rituals of transition and initiation as an integral part of moving forward. Marking important milestones in our lives from birth to death. This allows us to feel oneness with our ancestors, family, and society, and to be something more.

Now my project exists as an artist's book. But in 2023, work will begin on printing.
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