Glass House

For several years I have been treated for depressive disorder.Besides the fact that I eat pills, I also write morning pages and list all the good things that happened to me in a day. These notes do not allow the emptiness in my chest to grow and fill with itself all the available space.  This is a part of my therapy. This is an ongoing personal  project in the form of a diary in which I explore my anxieties, dreams and fears. Being isolated and enabled to be among other people is very difficult. I hide the feeling of isolation and nervousness in my notes.I fill this project with sketches from my retreat and quotes from my diaries. Working on it, noticing moments in which I feel like in a fairy tale, I put off the moment at which I can not stand my isolation and break. I try to concentrate on the good things, this is my lifebuoy. The most beautiful thing is that even I do not know how it will all end for me.